About Us


Sparsh Skin and Hair clinic situated in the heart of the city has being providing outstanding services for almost a decade. Dr. Harshal Rewatkar, Consultant and owner at Sparsh clinic is a certified dermatologist (MBBS,DVD) expertise in surgical techniques like vitiligo grafting, hair transplant and lasers procedures. We are also known for best treatment options for leprosy, veneral diseases and various other skin, nail and hair problems. We, at Sparsh clinic ,aim to treat our patients with advanced technology at affordable prices, thus serve as one stop shop for all your skin, hair, cosmetic and veneral concerns.

Sparsh skin and hair clinic provides following services :
 Chemical peeling
 Tattoo removal
 Derma roller for acne scar
 Vitiligo surgery and skin grafting
 Intophoresis for excessive sweating –hyperhydrosis
 Laser and surgical removal of warts and corn
 Intralesional injection for keloids and hypertrophic scars
 Laser for melasma
 Narrow UVB
 Laser for wrinkle reduction and skin tightening
 Advanced medifacials
 Microblading and micropigmentation
 Botox and fillers
 Painless ear and nose piercing
 Ear lobe repair
 Stretch mark reduction
 Skin rejuvenation
 Permanent hair reduction(face and body hair)
 Hair transplant
 Nail infections
 Nail growth disorders